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When you live right One is all you need. Save your spot!  Learn how to start your 360° plan customized to your life for real goals, real results for real change. 

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Hell to Well
Your 360° Approach to your Best Mind, Physical and Financial Fitness

Everyone has their own level of hell. Hell to Well a 360-degree approach to your best Mind, Physical and Financial Fitness will give you a brief look into how Health 4 Wealth can help you to start you on your way to the healthiest lifestyle in order to value and live your life to the fullest. Creating better habits, behaviors and choices which affect every facet of your life. Why wait? Change is easier than you think.

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Beth Enright of Tucson, AZ

"Your motivation and passion made me realize I can accomplish anything."

Tabatha Santana of Cos Cob, CT

"I am seeing changes in all areas of my life. I am limitless."

Richard Scott of Scottsdale, AZ 

"My strength has been better than ever physically and emotionally."

Everyone Has Struggles

What Are Yours?

Health 4 Wealth can give you the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help create a strategic plan for your 360-degree approach for your best life.


Your mindset is your best asset. This is the most overlooked and under-utilized function in the body. Recognize invisible barriers, break through the clutter, and train your brain to work past whatever stops you from accomplishing your goals

Customized Nutrition

Are you feeling less than yourself? Holding onto unnecessary weight? You may think you're eating healthy when in reality the food you put in your body is chemically imbalanced. Tailor your nutrition to your individualized blood chemistry.


Scientifically, your hormones deplete over the years. This affects your organ functions ability to perform at their best. Why wouldn't you want to rid the ailments that plague you, have more energy and liveliness to feel your best and perform at your best?


Reaching your fitness goals is more than counting miles, steps or calories. Understanding your body, knowing its needs and how resilient you are will open the pathway to setting and achieving realistic goals.


Achieving financial freedom comes from you. Financial struggles create a negative environment that holds you back from improving your financial stability. A transformation affects all facets of your life. Including your finances. Learn how to achieve financial freedom.

My story​

My name is Patria, and I am living proof that the right knowledge and tools can bring you to your goals if you are committed, and if you build the right road map. I've spent over 10 years learning the science of fitness, financial, and mental success.

So often I see promotions for health and wellness that are umbrella solutions for the individuals' problems. It just doesn't work that way. That's why Health 4 Wealth works. You have to assess yourself before moving forward.

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