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Graph Results Explanation

Percentages are calculated from a total of 100% overall health.

These categories give a brief synopsis of where you are stronger, based on your behaviors, habits, choices, and the way you live your daily life.

Activity: The higher the number, the better your fitness routine.

Stress: We Essentially want to be low or work on lowering this number. Your mindset affects every facet of your life.

Behavior: A lower number will show better behaviors, habits, and choices.

Body: This number should be higher, demonstrating your body regulation inside and out, along with your daily activity.

Typical Day: This number should be higher, showing more movement throughout the day.

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  • 24/7 accessibility to the knowledge vault where you will have a wealth of videos and information to excel and evolve successfully
  • Access to the "The Village" A member-only private community chat room sharing your successes, results, struggles or obstacles all the while learning from and supporting each other
  • Ability to take part in challenges to help elevate your results
  • Spotlight (win a challenge and have the spotlight interview promoting YOU)

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